24/7 Harp & Bowl

24/7 Harp & Bowl (Isaiah 62:4-7)

24/7 Harp & Bowl

NEW RELEASE: The King Is Coming

We are overjoyed to announce: We are releasing songs on YouTube from The King’s Harpists’ second album, The King is Coming: 144 Harpists Live from Jerusalem! On October 3, 2022, 144 harpists from 35 different nations, including Israel, gathered together with worshippers from 140 nations in Jerusalem to minister to the King on the Southern Steps.

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We are the Jerusalem House of Prayer for All Nations, a multifaceted global ministry, based in Jerusalem on the Mount of Olives, with non-stop 24/7 "harp & bowl” prayer and worship since 1987.  We are praying and serving the Kingdom of God in Jerusalem, Israel, the Isaiah 19 Highway, and all nations, preparing the way for the King of Glory!

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